Buying land or house

Buying land in Bali seems to be easy, and it is, provided you take a few rules in mind that can prevent you for problems later. Land and villas are cheap, especially in the western part of Bali are plenty of beautiful houses and lots for sale. The quality of the houses ranges from very good to bad. In the east and the west of Bali land prices are the lowest.

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous brokers and construction companies in that market. So if you plan to buy land, or even later you want to build your own villa, make sure at least for a reliable partner who can help you in the negotiations with the landowner and later at the notary and who can evaluate the quality of your villa. It's also important to have someone at the building site everyday. The quality of Balinese building cannot be compared with our standards. There are to many examples of houses that have to be renovated completely after 10 years.

Because it is currently not possible to own land on your own name the vendor remains always the physical owner of the land, called the nominee. It is best to keep this nominee, unless you know a very reliable Indonesian, so you can use the ground under his name.
At least you should get the following papers at the notary: original Hak Milik, Akte Jual/Beli, Surat Ukur, Surat Kuasa Membangun, Surat Kuasa Menjual.

And a simple advice for those who want to buy an existing house by themselves, a house should have an IMB, a signed and stamped building permit, an IMB plate, mounted on the wall of the house, and signed and stamped drawings. If they are not available, do not buy because that is asking for troubles. And dont forget, most people want a house on the beach, but be aware that building within 100 meters from the high waterline in not allowed!