29 November 2016

The yearly trash comes again

The annual inundation of ocean-borne flotsam and jetsam has begun washing ashore in Kuta, Bali. The shoreline-filled with trash is most evident along a four-kilometer stretch of beach from Petitenget to the main beachfront in Kuta. As a result the Badung Public Hygiene and Parks Department have declared a “Class I” status (Siaga Satu) along the beach. Based on the experience of years past, the accumulation of trash on Kuta’s shore is precipitated by seasonal westerly winds that are expected to peak in December 2016.Trash had begun to accumulate along Kuta Beach since mid-November, comprised of plastic, discarded trash and fallen trees. With the announcement of “Siaga I” status, quick response teams are now on stand-by to clear trash as it floats ashore. The response teams are also busy advising visiting tourist that the unsightly condition of Kuta Beach is, by and large, a recurring seasonal phenomenon. During the “Siaga I” status, the normal deployment of 26 beach cleaners along Kuta Beach now has four loaders and four trucks cleaning the beach with as many as 1,000 stand-by personnel available to assist in the clean-up process.

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