06 November 2016

New Wifi hotspots in Denpasar and Singaraja

Indonesian telecommunications giant PT Telkom has added a number of new wifi hotspots in Bali. The hotspots are under the network’s “Wifi.id.corner” program, which has users register for accounts and choose from a variety of packages that Telkom touts as affordable. The new Wifi.id.corner spots are split between the island’s capital city, Denpasar, and north Bali city, Singaraja. In Bali, the fixed broadband services through Wifi.id.corner are spread across 200 locations. 170 of them are in Denpasar and 30 others in Singaraja, Buleleng. Telkom is responding to the growing needs of Bali netizens with these 200 hotspots, which can be found in public spaces such as schools, universities, housing complexes, ports, and also city parks. Here’s the impressive part though—this wifi is supposed to be pretty darn fast. The network is boasting speeds above 100 mbps—a speed we’re sure most of us aren’t familiar with in Bali.

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