21 October 2016

The Bullet, the fast boat from Lombok

Travelling between Senggigi and Gili Trawangan can be confusing for tourists and time-consuming for those who live in Lombok. You can charter a local perahu (fishing boat) from Senggigi beach but that involves some good negotiating skills to get a reasonable price. If it’s a nice day, it can be a long and interesting trip up the west coast and out to Gili T. But if the seas are rough, prepare for a slow, wet and miserable journey. The other alternative is to make your way up the coast to Teluk Nara or Bangsal Harbour (around 30 – 40 minutes north of Senggigi) and either charter a boat or wait for the public boats to make the crossing to Gili T. Now Gili Getaway has taken the hassle out of the trip and getting to Gili T (or vice versa) has never been so fast and easy! The newest member of the Gili Getaway fleet is The Bullet – a custom-built speed boat specifically designed for short trips between mainland Lombok and the islands.Differing from the other Getaway vessels, this smaller boat is built for speed and comfort, and can zip travellers from Senggigi up to Gili T in around 25 minutes (or down to Gili Gede in around 45 minutes). The Bullet also provides transfers between the northwest Gilis and Senggigi to Gili Gede – the gateway to the secret islands off the southwest coast. Booking a trip on The Bullet is equally fast and easy. Just visit the Gili Getaway website: www.giligetaway.com and you will see all the transfer options and daily departure schedules, whether between Bali and Lombok or the Gilis or Gili Gede.Simply fill in the booking form for whichever trip you want and within a short time, you’ll receive an email confirmation and your ticket to print off... it’s as simple as that! The Bullet departs from the Senggigi Jetty at Senggigi Beach and has a ticket office at the harbour (next to the other ticketing offices on the jetty). Simply present your ticket and you’re ready to go. Tickets can also be purchased from this office. Onboard the boat are comfortable cushioned bench seats, inside in the shade or on the rear sun deck, as well as complimentary cool towels, sun screen and bottles of water. Sit back and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Lombok’s west coast beaches and the mountains beyond as you zip up the coast and out to the Gilis. Before you know it, you’re pulling up to the beach in Gili T.

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