26 October 2016

Restoring the coral reefs at Nusa Penida

World Tourism Day was celebrated on Bali’s neighboring island of Nusa Penida as scuba divers joined forces to rehabilitate coral reefs damaged by tourists and local fishermen. Tens of professional divers descended below the waves to restack coral and clean up the ocean’s bottom in the underwater conservation area. The chairman of the Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI), said, “The divers stacked hundreds of seeds for new coral heads in an area covering one acre.” Nusa Penida, located a short distance from Bali’s southeastern shoreline, is renowned for the beauty of its surrounding coral reef and the rich biodiversity living with those waters. GIPI also used the occasion to educate those living on Nusa Penida on the rules and regulations that exist to preserve and protect Indonesia’s coral reef.

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