29 September 2016

The rain season has started

The Meteorology, Climate and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) reports that due to the influences of La Nina, Bali is entering into this year’s rainy season during the month of September 2016, which, the Agency claims, usually falls during the months of July and August. The chief of BMKG-Bali weather station in Negara, West Bali, explained that meteorologists divide Bali into 15 separate weather zones, each with their own unique weather patterns. Bali will be fully involved in this year’s wet season during the period of October-November 2016. Two weather zones (13.3% of the Island) will commence the rainy season in September, covering the southern part of Jembrana, southern Tabanan, northern Badung and northern Tabanan. Another four weather zones (26.6% of the Island) will begin the wet seasons in October, affecting north Buleleng, middle Tabanan, middle Gianyar, middle Badung, middle Bangli, middle Karangasem, north Tabanan and north Bangli. Another seven weather zones (46.6% of the Island) will join the wet season in November affecting west Jembrana, north Tabanan, north Bangli, east Buleleng, north and south Karangasem, south Gianyar, south Klungkung, Denpasar and south Badung. Finally, the two remaining weather zones (13.3% of the Island) rainy season comes in December, covering west Jembrana, west Buleleng and Nusa Penida. BMKG says the height of the rainy season in Bali will be felt from December 2016 until February 2017 with rainfall a regular occurrence over eleven weather zones covering 73.3% of the Island. This period of weather will also be marked by high waves and strong winds. 

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