23 September 2016

Plans for a Halal friendly beach in Lombok

The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism has demonstrated the seriousness of its intention of making Lombok a world-renown halal tourism destination by preparing its first ‘halal friendly beach’. Due to the numerous Muslim-friendly facilities in Lombok, and its Islamic heritage, the island is in fact at the centre of Indonesia’s Islamic tourism drive. Lombok won the “Best Halal Tourism” and “Best Halal Honeymoon Destination” awards during the World Halal Travel Awards 2015 held in Abu Dhabi. The event was held in conjunction with the World Halal Travel Summit 2015. Because Lombok already has a commitment as a halal destination, we will prepare a beach area that will be focused on halal friendly beach, a team leader said. Turkey and Italy already have halal friendly beaches and the presence of a halal friendly beach on Lombok will increase the ability of Indonesia to bring in more tourists. The plan is to make a halal friendly beach in the coastal area near Senggigi in West Lombok – specifically at Meninting. Halal is Arabic and means ‘permissible for Muslims’. The word is typically used for food but covers all activities of daily life in accordance with Islamic Law. Halal tourism is not only concerned with halal products but also meeting the criteria for halal services. For instance, alcohol not being served in hotels is required for the facility to be halal, as is access to halal only food, mosques and prayer facilities. Other facilities include separate swimming pools and beach facilities for men and women. When this attraction is complete, it will include a resort, hotel and theme park on the beach in which everything is based on halal tourism.

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