10 October 2016

Denpasar, one of the worst places to drive according Waze

Denpasar, Bali has received the dubious distinction of being placed among Waze’s list of the worst places to drive. The popular online driving application reports that the Capital of Bali, together with Bandung (West Java), Jakarta and Surabaya, were the four cities in Indonesia ranked as the worst driving destinations on the globe. Moreover, among Indonesian cities, Bali was ranked the very worst for driving in the Waze survey. In making a determination of “drivability,” Waze measured the frequency of traffic jams, the quality of the traffic infrastructure, driver safety, and the ease of supporting services such as parking and gas stations. Also included in the Waze survey was the availability of public transport, the cost of fuel and the level of satisfaction among the online service users when driving in the subject destination. The Waze survey compared rating collected from their users in 38 countries and 235 cities in determining the worst cities for driving. In the 186 cities in the final ranking the best to the worst, Jakarta was #178 with an overall rating of 3.37 satisfaction level. Surabaya ranked #181 at 3.14, Bandung ranked #182 at 3.0, and Denpasar (Bali) #183 at 2.89. Therefore, it's official: Denpasar, Bali’s traffic conditions are among the world’s worst.

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