07 September 2016

Where to find dances and performances in Lombok

Visitors to Lombok are always asking where they can see some traditional Lombok dances and performances. Events take place all year round but it is sometimes difficult for visitors to find performances during their holidays. Some of the best hotels solve that problem and make it easy to have a taste of Lombok culture (as well as some tasty foods) while you are here! Puri Mas Boutique Resort provides wonderful entertainment for guests at its Ballroom Restaurant on the beachfront every Thursday night. Diners can enjoy a delicious meal from the ala carte menu while watching authentic performances mixing the best of Lombok Sasak and Balinese cultures, including the enchanting Baris Dance and exciting Peresean – Lombok’s traditional stick fighting competitions. Qunci Villas hosts a special Sasak Dance every Monday night with music and dance performances in the beachfront garden. Guests can enjoy sumptuous dining under the stars at this stylish venue while being entertained by performances such as Tari Peresean (traditional stick fighting) and Gandrung (the Fan Dance) accompanied by Gamelan music. On Friday nights, the resort also hosts “Pasar Malam” (Night Market) with stalls set up in the garden to imitate a traditional market, featuring delicious Lombok and Indonesian street foods. Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort combines a fabulous night of cultural performances with “A Taste of Indonesia” buffet dinner every Tuesday night. Dine poolside on tasty dishes from Lombok and around the Indonesian archipelago while watching traditionalSasak (Lombok) and Balinese dances performed on a stage over the pool. Lit by flaming torches and accompanied by traditional Gamelan music, it’s a magical experience! Guests on the south coast can enjoy special cultural performances every night at the Novotel Lombok Resort in Kuta. During ‘high season’ the resort offers a different theme dinner every night of the week accompanied by traditional performances, including Sasak and Balinese dance, Peresean stick fighting competitions and even special performances by talented staff members!

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