06 August 2016

The Hidden Canyon of Sukawati

There is a beautiful and fascinating place that local people often referred to as Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon. Hidden canyon is located near the village of Sukawati. Beji Guwang is a river with a stone wall that is formed and patterned very wonderful because it's eroded by river water for hundreds of thousands years to create a masterpiece that makes everyone amazed. In addition there is a beautiful engraved rock wall and also some other things that are as beautiful as the cluster of rocks with clear water rippling and is calm in some places so you can swim in it. A quiet peaceful place makes this place very suitable for meditation or yoga. This hidden canyon is popular since a few months, because this place is only known by the locals but the local villagers decided to open this hidden canyon to visitors from outside to increase village and local communities income as being one of tourisms attraction exist in Bali.
Beji Guwang hidden canyon is located in the village of Sukawati adjacent to the famous center of Balinese souvenirs shops. Because the place is not so popular so the signposts leading to the hidden canyon are abit lacking but the locals will be happy to give you a hint.
Although it presents a very beautiful natural and stunning scenery, Beji Guwang hidden canyon does not have many supporting facilities. The rocks in this area are enormous, slippery and sharp so watch your step. So we suggest to use the services of a local guide that will help you to get you there so you do not get lost and reduce the possibility of accidents. They will also help you carrying your bag and also as a reminder to you what you can and can not do in this place because this place is very secret so you may not disturb the spirit in this place. The other security factors are the height of the water that is always changing, and the water could be reach 5 meters high. But you do not have to worry because the water in the river is controlled by a dam and a guard will always monitor the water level, so if the water is to high the dam will be opened and visitors will be evacuated and the place will be closed temporarily.

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