08 August 2016

The clean streets of Bali

Pushcart vendors (Kaki Lima -KL) who circulate Bali’s capital of Denpasar are blamed for causing dirty streets, traffic jams and a host of other social ills. The local enforcement agency (Satpol PP) and metropolitan officials are now working together to control the actions and disorder caused by the KL. On Thursday more than 10 KL selling on the sidewalks in the sub-district of Pedungan were caught up in sweeping operations and handed over to Satpol PP officers. The head of the sub-district of South Denpasar told the press that the clean-up is needed to maintain Bali’s capital as a clean, safe and comfortable city. To this end Denpasar’s streets must be free of KL. Before KL stands are actually confiscated, warnings for the vendors to leave the area are issued three days in advance of the sweeping action when the stands are confiscated. These measures are effective with the number of KL now operating on the City’s sidewalks are less. To ensure the solution is not a temporary one, the Satpol PP are regularly checking for the reappearance of KL.

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