25 August 2016

Tanah Lot increase prices

The iconic tourist attraction of the Tanah Lot Temple will increase admission prices by the end of 2016. The admission prices will increase to 100% in late October or early November. The manager of the Tanah Lot Complex announced the plan for the increase on Monday. He confirmed that the plan for the increase in admission costs has received the approval of the Regent of Tabanan and the Management Board of the Tourism object. When the rate increase is finally introduced, the cost to visit Tanah Lot for a domestic adult visitor will increase from Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 20,000 and for a domestic child visitor from Rp. 7,500 to Rp. 15,000. Foreign tourist visitors to Tanah Lot will see the current admission ticket increase from Rp. 30,000 to Rp. 60,000, while visiting foreign children will see the price increase from Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 30,000. In return for the higher admission fees tourist visitors could expect an improved level of facilities and services. Included among these improvements will be the installation of additional CCTV cameras to improve safety and security. At the time when the new admission prices are introduced, a new E-ticketing system will also be introduced.

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