21 September 2016

Please pick me up at the Hospital

A 60-year-old woman has reportedly been waiting for more than ten days for her family to come pick her up at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar after she was taken to the hospital following a stroke. The woman was brought to Sanglah by her family. The mother of three children was weak on the left side of her body and was prone to frequent tantrums and should get a neurological and psychiatric consultation. After the consultation she was taken to the infirmary and her family suddenly disappeared. She has been cleared for release but no one has come to fetch her. During this time, insurance has covered her medical expenses, so shirking the cost of her Sanglah bill should not be the issue. The hospital says it’s tried to contact her family, but to no avail. And the worst part is that she isn’t the only abandoned senior in the hospital. A 50 year old man has also apparently been suffering the same fate. He has reportedly been allowed to go home but hasn’t left Sanglah yet because no one came for him. Sanglah Hospital urges for the families of these abandoned patients to come forward or if anyone knows the family of either of the two, to get in touch immediately. Let's hope all this attention in the local media gets these patients home, because this is just too sad to bear: 

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