11 September 2016

Helping the Bali Starling

Indonesia’s Minister of the Environment and Forestry has given an award to the Bird Song Breeders Group (Kelompok Penangkar Kicau Bali) for dedication and success in breeding the Bali Starling. The Bali Starling is known as the Bali Myna (Leucopsar Rothschild), also known as Rothschild's Mynahor Bali Starling. In Bali this bird is locally known as “Jalak Bali” or “Curik Bali.”
With a critically endangered wild population estimated to stand at less than 100 birds, the group was recognized during a celebration of the National Nature Conservation Day held at the West Bali National Park for the group’s work on behalf of breeding and propagating the endangered Bali Starling. The leader of the group expressed thank for the award and told the press of the many challenges he faced together with his group of Bali Starling enthusiasts in trying to enlarge the population of the bird that has become the official mascot of the Island of Bali. Beginning with an initial breeding stock of two Bali Starlings purchased for Rp, 15 milllion in 2012. "This was a very heavy beginning. I had to sell a cow to pay this amount,” he  explained. Over time the birds multiplied and with help from the chairman of the Tabanan House of Representatives and a loan from the bank, better cages were built and eventually three breeding pairs of Bali Starlings were managed by the group. Over time, further assistance was received by the Agency for the Conservation of Natural Resources to the point where today good cages play home to hundreds of birds that include at least 50 breeding pairs.Today the group have become leading proponents of community efforts to protect and preserve the Bali Starling.

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