22 July 2016

Rising sea

The beach abrasion along Soka Beach in Tabanan, West Bali continues to make itself felt with an estimated 700 square meters of land owned by villages in Atap disappearing into the sea since 2012. One Atap villager told that the erosion has carried away 7 ares of village land and a coconut tree. Each year, little by little, the land is being swept away into the sea. In the past erosion of village land by waves was not a problem. In 1989, the shoreline was still some 20-meters from the fish weighing station. But rising sea levels over the years have now halved the distance of the station from the ocean waves to only 10 meters. If there are big waves on the shoreline, the fish weighing station and performance pavilion are surrounded by seawater. The chief of the Fisheries and Shores Service has surveyed Soka Beach and reported his findings to his agency. The problem of shoreline abrasion was not the sole responsibility of his agency, with any solution requiring assistance from other government bodies as well.

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