01 August 2016

Opposition against the "Bali Crossing" electricity towers

The Buleleng House of Representatives (DPRD-Buleleng) has declared its opposition to the construction of the “Bali Crossing” - a proposed high-voltage transmission line stretching between Java and Bali, that pundits claim will be the highest electrical transmission line in the world. The chairman of Commission II said the high power lines carrying electricity from Java should not be constructed because Bali wishes to be self-sufficient in its power supply, it would be preferred for Bali to develop its own local energy resources. He cited the new power plants in Pesanggaran and Buleleng, and the coal-powered power plant at Celukan Bawang in North Bali. The Bali lawmaker called for the development of Phase II of the Celukan Bawang power production scheme that would expand its power production capabilities. He said "Bali must be self-sufficient in energy and not be dependent on power supplies from Java to Bali. It’s pointless if Bali has power generating plants and that it does not maximize their use. We have pushed for the development of phase II of the PLTU Celukan Bawang instead of erecting the power lines connecting Java and Bali." The building of the proposed “Bali Crossing” is still in its planning stage.Reports that the foundations of the giant supporting tower on the Bali side would transgress the sacred grounds of the Segera Pupek Temple at the West Bali National Park have caused religious elements in Bali to voice opposition to the plan.

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