04 August 2016

Lombok ferry's

Fast boats – speedboats and small ferries with powerful outboard motors – are a popular option for travelling between Bali and Lombok, the Gili Islands and even Southwest Lombok. However, not all fast boat operators are created equal. Some operators practice over-booking, particularly during busy periods, and either dangerously overload their boats or, if they can’t possibly squeeze another passenger onto their boat, put you onto another boat at the last minute. Some boats are operated by professionals who adhere to international safety standards (not required in Indonesia) and make sure that passengers’ safety is the priority. Others are ‘in it for a fast buck’ and are only concerned with the money to be made. Overloaded boats, poorly trained crew, not enough life jackets on board, poor maintenance of craft and cheap repairs to keep the boat operating are all common in the industry and accidents are inevitable.
While fast boats between Bali and Lombok are generally considered a safe and convenient option for travel between the two islands, travellers should be aware that the Lombok Strait is one of the deepest in the world. In bad weather, waves have been known to reach up to five metres high and currents can be treacherous. This highlights the importance of choosing a fast boat service that has high safety standards including a code of conduct that puts passengers safety first. The fast boat industry – particularly transfers between Bali and the Gilis – has boomed in the past 5 years and now there are dozens of operators from which to choose.
So when you choose to travel by fast boat, do some research before you book. This can be as simple as entering the company’s name into a search engine such as ‘Google’ or checking what other passengers say on a review site such as ‘TripAdvisor’. Blue Water Express and Gili Getaway are two recommended companies that have been operating fast boat transfers between Bali and Lombok safely for a number of years and have good reputations.

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