03 August 2016

Illegal taxi billboards

Although expressly forbidden to operate by Bali’s Governor, Grab Taxi apparently continues to operate openly in the Island’s capital and is even openly advertising their service on large street side billboards. The secretary of an Alliance of Local Transport Providers claims such advertisements show the Ministry of Transportation to be impotent and ineffective. “We are deeply saddened that there are billboards for Grab Taxi to be found in several areas. Moreover, it’s strange that there is one billboard even near the airport. What’s going on with our government?” He said that UBER, GoCar and Grab Taxi continue to operate in Bali despite being declared illegal by the Governor and the local transportation office.
The head of Bali’s Transportation Office said he had received no reports regarding the billboards promoting, a service the Governor has outlawed.“Thanks for the information. I will coordinate with the appropriate agencies to come up with a strategy."

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