28 July 2016

High flying drugs

The “means of delivery” employed by those in the narcotics trade to move and transport their illegal contraband are becoming increasingly creative. Despite the best efforts of prison officials to remove and eliminate the narcotics trade at Bali’s infamous Kerobokan Prison, a very active trade in drugs continues to flourish within the penitentiary’s walls. The latest modus operandi for smuggling drugs into the prison is through the employment of the ubiquitous kites that populate in every corner of the sky in Bali, especially during the current windy mid-year period. Resorting to the use of kites to move narcotics was presumably made necessary when prison officials and members of the National Anti-Narcotics Agency (BNNP) put to an end the practice of people throwing bottles filled with narcotics over the prison’s wall. The chief of BNNP-Bali Police told how closer surveillance of both sides of the prison’s walls put a quick end to the practice of tossing drug caches into the prison compound. Undeterred, kite flyers are reportedly positioning high-flying kites over the interior area of the prison and allowing packets of drugs to fall from the sky into the prison grounds. As a result, BNNP-Bali, Police and Prison officials are collecting data from anyone flying kites anywhere near the Kerobokan prison. The chief is calling for an increased deployment of police and prison guards to ensure security at the prison and the elimination of any and all loopholes, such as kites flying over the prison, used to smuggle drugs into Bali’s largest house of corrections.

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