25 June 2016

The war on Dengue fever

In Bali right now, it’s all about the “war on mosquitoes.” Bali Provincial Health Office is inviting the public to take up arms (or electric rackets) against mosquitoes following a high number of dengue cases on the island this year. There are dengue cases across all provinces in Indonesia, but the cases in Bali are the highest. In just five months, already 10,000 cases have emerged. The number of dengue cases throughout the first five months of 2016 in Bali have doubled compared to the same period of the previous year. Moreover, there are 31 people on record who died this year from dengue. Dengue cases are highest in Gianyar, followed by Buleleng and Badung. So because of all this dengue the people are asked to fight against mosquitoes by eradicating their nests. People should drain their tempat mandi, close water shelters, and get rid of other stagnant water spots. In addition, people should practice hygienic behavior and stay healthy—both of which decrease the likelihood of either getting bitten or getting hit hard by dengue. Once the community comes together to fight against mosquitoes some of the diseases that the mosquitoes carry such as dengue, chikungunya, and malaria can be eradicated. The governor has issued a circular related to “battling” mosquitoes, but this “war” can really only be successful if the whole community participates.

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