27 June 2016

Overloaded trucks

Drivers of overloaded goods trucks traveling between Gilimanuk and Denpasar continue to resist official efforts to enforce maximum weight limits by turning back. Meanwhile, the Governor of Bali remains steadfast in his desire to enforce load limits and end corrupt payment at weigh-stations. To this end, the Governor recently decreed the relocation on the Provincial Transportation Office from Denpasar to Cekik in West Bali, near the Gilimanuk ferry crossing.Recalcitrant truck drivers are trying to retaliate and force the Government to allow their overloaded truck to travel the roads and continue to cause traffic jams and damage to bridges and road surfaces. Heavily burdened trucks are now parked in the middle of the main highway in protest of the current strict application of the law on maximum permissable loads. Drivers were parking on the side of the road and in side streets near the weigh station, waiting for a massive backlog in queuing trucks that would force officials to suspend, at least temporarily, weight checks. As a result, hundreds of overloaded trucks were seen parked along a 3-kilomter stretch of road waiting their chance to pass the Cekik Weigh Station without inspection. These waiting lines of trucks also caused gridlock in the city of Negara.

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