02 June 2016

Eco village Nyambu

Trekking along the clean and peaceful rice fields with their cultural water temples is a pleasant sample of the tourist attractions that Nyambu Village is offering. Nyambu Village, which in the pre-independence period was called Mundah Village, is located in Kediri subdistrict, Tabanan Regency, about one-hour’s drive from Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar. The community-based ecotourism program in Nyambu is expected to fare well as it has received great support and commitment from various stakeholders amid the rising issue of the farmland conversion. Hectares of farmland in Bali have reportedly been converted into hotels.
Tourism is one of the main economic sectors in Indonesia. The sustainable tourism program conducted jointly by several partners aimed to stimulate economic growth in the village by improving the capacity of local people in managing the potential that they possess. Nyambu Village has ecological and historical tourism potential thanks to its existing rice fields, springs and cultural contact and long history dating back to ancient Bali ( around the eighth century until the 13th ), the era of Majapahit influence ( the 14th century ), until this day. Under the program, the community was not only involved in mapping and managing the village’s tourism, but also had the opportunity to learn more about the long history of their village.
The launch also reflects the goodwill of local authorities, who do not want tourism development to occur at the expense of nature, particularly rice fields.
Foreign tourists can enjoy the stunning natural landscape and culinary delights when they stay at the villagers local houses.

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