07 June 2016

Bali go live

The Bali Tourism Promotion Board (BPPD) has formally named “Bali Go Live” as the Island’s Official Channel for travel and tourism videos. “Bali Go Live” will support promotion of the destination via videos presented on Youtube and a dedicated website www.baligolive.com. Covering the entire gamut of social media platforms, “Bali Go Live” will provide updated information via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Thumblr and Linkedin. The appointment of “Bali Go Live” by BPPD is seen as an important step forward in the development of the Island’s tourism image in the modern digital era.
The content manager of Bali Go Live said: “Bali Go Live is a video channel covering all aspect of Bali. Our mission is to become a digital encyclopedia on the Island of Bali to be utilized by business operators in reaching their targeted markets and strengthen Bali’s position as the best tourism destination in the world.”“Bali Go Live” has already produced videos on culture, events, tourism destinations and the Bali life-style, including the launch of a 360-degree virtual reality technology.

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