16 May 2016

Only 32 hotels certified tsunami ready

According to the Regional Disaster Management Agency Bali (BPBD) there are on this moment just 32 hotels in Bali that have certifications for handling tsunamis. The certification is a formal document that the hotel has a good (level of) preparedness if used as an evacuation center. So few hotels have met the ‘tsunami ready’ standard, likely because it’s a rigorous and time-consuming process for hotels to get trained and certified, and certifications apparently must be renewed annually. In principle, all hotels located in tsunami prone areas, especially South Bali, should have earthquake-resistant structures able to handle temporary evacuations, whether or not they have the official piece of paper so they can market themselves as ‘ready’. BPBD is working hand-in-hand with local traditional village communities (pakraman) to spread awareness about being ‘tsunami prepared.

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