21 May 2016

Changing the 100 meters building law

The large number of accommodation providers on Bali’s near neighboring island of Nusa Penida who have ignored building codes has prompted the regency of Klungkung to call for a revision of the current set back building code of 100 meters from the high water mark to beome just 25 meters. The Regent of Klungkung noted that many of the small hotels and inns on the shores of Nusa Penida are unlicensed and, by building too close to the shore line, have illegally expropriated the public’s right-of-way along the beachfront. In response to this problem, the Regency of Klungkung is seeking that the current building code setting back any constructions at 100 meters from the high water mark be reduced to 25 meters. With a clear regulation, the building that exist at Nusa Dua can become well-regulated, allowing tourism to be supported without causing hardships for the local population. Should the Regent’s change be accepted, the public will, however, be denied free use and access to what was once public beachfront now covered in hotel structures.

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