24 May 2016

Serangan Beach

Located on the east coast of the island just south of Sanur, Serangan is a totally underrated beach to spend the day chilling at. Nestled right in between Benoa Harbor and Sanur Beach, Serangan has awesome white sands and clear waters that are a far cry from the volcanic sands further north. The water close to shore is super mellow with the surf break a little bit of a paddle away where the reef drops. There are a few beach cafes with loungers and it’s super uncrowded when compared to a lot of other local beaches. Serangan Beach is known as one of the better surf spots in Bali. The surf is generally clean but fickle in size, where surfers can choose from the left or right handed peaks. The seawater at the beach is calm and ideal for swimming glistening in shades of brilliant blues and greens. If you feel like an extra bit of relaxation, a beach massage is generally around Rp 50.000. Grab some cheap eats, a tropical juice or coconut at any of the simple warungs to choose from, they are all about the same. There’s really nothing fancy to dine on here, its packaged snacks, nasi goreng, mie, and jaffles if you want something to munch on.

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