25 May 2016

European tourists visiting Bali increase

Bali recorded about 1 million tourists visiting the island in the first quarter of 2016. Of the number, 20 percent or 218,497 people were from Europe. The increasing number of European tourists visiting Bali is a result of tourism promotion initiated by the government and tourism business owners. Data from the Bali Tourism Agency recorded that the number of tourists from the United Kingdom increased by 56.41 percent, which was the most significant increase among other countries. The data showed that the number of tourists from the UK who visited Bali in January-March 2016 stood at 45,915 people, increasing from 29,355 people in the same period of last year. The number of German tourists visiting Bali stood at 26,972 people in the first quarter, increasing by 44 percent compared to the same period of 2015. France came in third as the country with most tourists visiting Bali with 26,454 people, followed by The Netherlands with 18,398 people.

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