26 May 2016

Lombok proud owner of 25 mysterious buses

It seems that Lombok is the proud owner of 25 large buses but doesn’t know what to do with them! Lombok government took delivery of 25 buses from the Indonesian Ministry of Transport in February 2016. The buses are now standing in a warehouse owned by DAMRI – the state-owned transport company who operate the airport buses in Lombok. The large air conditioned buses are the type operated by TransJakarta in Jakarta for the public transport system.

In August last year, the Lombok branch of the Ministry of Transport proposed creating a public transport system in Lombok under the banner of “Metro Trans Mataram”. The proposal called for a public bus transport system to operate routes between Senggigi, Mataram and Narmada. The service will be operated by the state-owned transport company, Damri. Under the proposal, Lombok would receive a total of 60 buses by 2018 (being allocated 20 buses per year). Since then, there seems to have been no communication from the Ministry… and 25 buses just arrived in Lombok with little fanfare and even less preparation!

This arrival of the buses seems to imply that Lombok will soon introduce a public bus system, which may be why some mysterious bus stops were built on the side of main roads in Ampenan, Mataram and Senggigi last year. If this is the case, it seems the Ministry of Transport isn’t letting the city government in on the secret. In the meantime, let’s hope someone is starting the engines on those 25 buses on a regular basis!
Source: The Lombok Guide

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