20 May 2016

Double Six / Blue Ocean Beach

Back in the days when Legian and Seminyak were fishing villages, this beach got its name from two of the earliest venues & restos on the island, Blue Ocean and Double Six. Double Six beach is located on Double Six road. Whether the road was named after the beach or the beach was named after the road is still in contention among Bali historians. What is less controversial is that Double Six beach generally starts about halfway to Jalan Padma and runs north to the mid point between Jalan Doublesix and Dhyana Pura. A section near the middle is also known as Blue Ocean Beach. The general feel is touristy with a lot of transplanted locals. The crowd is extremely diverse with ton of tourists from all over the world and Indonesians from other islands with your true blue Legian residents in the mix. The vibe is pretty chilled, it’s all about sipping on Bintangs under an umbrella while various hawkers try to sell you their wares. It’s definitely a good place to people watch. A lot of people bring their dogs for a sunset stroll on the beach. The surf is also excellent on high tide with numerous beach breaks. At low tide, you can join the numerous pickup games of beach soccer, you might not get passed the ball too often if you’re new though. Paddle ball is also an excellent option. There’s no shortage of food and beverage options at this beach. Generally people drink at one of the numerous stalls that serve cold drinks and coconuts. If you’re after more try Blue Ocean, Zanzibar and Lanai or head over to Cocoon and Dejavu or the fancy venues at Double Six Hotel. Warung Murah up the road is a local favorite and for a sunset snack, try out some bakso noodles.

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