30 May 2016

Best markets to visit

Although Bali is becoming known for its high-end malls and department stores, the traditional Bali markets remain the best places to shop for everything, including basic goods and souvenirs. These markets are not only massive with plenty of local merchandise to choose from, they are mostly really affordable too.
Sukawati Art Market is definitely one of the most popular and enduring art markets in Bali. The market attracts thousands of shoppers every day! This is the best market to check out if you are looking for giftable items, such as accessories, handicrafts, and souvenir items. One of the main draws of the Sukawati Art Market is the amazing selection of art pieces. The market has everything from sculptures to paintings, colorful textiles to pottery. All artworks are made by local artisans and they are perfect as a souvenir, as an addition to your growing collection, or as a generous gift. Sukawati also functions as a local market for food, clothing and offerings, making it a great place to explore, talk to locals and take photos.
Ubud Art Market is one of Bali’s largest art markets. It is also one of the most popular attractions in the Ubud area. Perfect for art lovers and bargain hunters, Ubud Art Market is full of handmade goods and artworks, all at very reasonable prices. Shopping at Ubud Art Market is good for woven bags and baskets, silk scarves, and colorful textiles. You will also find a fantastic selection of figurines, pottery, batik fabric, wood carvings, and lamps. Visit early in the morning to see the traditional market in full swing before the tourists come out to shop.
Kumbasari Market is the place to be if you are looking for local textiles, clothing, costumes, religious and ceremonial items. Located in Denpasar, Kumbasari Market is the one of the main Bali markets and is located right next to Badung Market. Kumbasari market is often called Peken Payuk or the pot market simply because this is the best place to get all sorts of clay and ceramic pottery. You can get kekeb or (rice covers), caratan (traditional water jug) and even jeding (traditional storage barrels) at the market.
Badung market, located on Jl. Gajah Mada, is the largest, longest-operating market in Bali. The market is open 24/7 and is the main source of fresh produce, meats, basic groceries, textiles, and household items in the area. This is a great place to go shopping because of the sheer number of vendors. We also love visiting Badung market to go sarong or fabric shopping. The first floor of the market is dedicated to meats, fish, fruits and vegetable. The upper floor is reserved for spices, herbs, as well as traditional Muslim and Balinese apparel. The market is also a source of goods made in China including umbrellas and baskets. Because of the affordable prices and local interest, Badung market attracts thousands of tourists every week. Because this is one of the more local Bali markets, it’s a great place to get a feel for the local culture and take photos. The smell and heat can be overwhelming though, so this market can be a bit too much for some. Also, take into account that a large part of the market burnt down in March 2016 so there will be lots of rebuilding going on.
Kuta Art Market. If you’re hoping to score great deals on sarongs, batik cloth, jewelry or leather goods, head to Kuta Art Market. The market is conveniently located close to the Kuta beach so you can shop early and then spend the rest of the day chilling at the beach. This market has an eye-popping selection of local goods including clothes, sarongs, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and souvenir items. Kuta Art Market is also a haven for art lovers. If you want to commission an artwork, you can contact the artist and carry out customized orders.
Sanur Art Market is a smaller version of the one in Kuta. Sellers tend to be a bit more relaxed and prices tend to start lower than in Kuta. You’ll find dresses, sarongs, tees and board shorts to complete your holiday wardrobe and souvenirs to take back for friends and family. In the evenings this is one of the Bali markets that turns into a local food fest, with stands selling babi guling, nasi campur, nasi goreng and other tasty fried treats!
Candi Kuning Market. If you want to shop for fresh produce, exotic flowers, spices, herbs, dried seafood and smoked fish, there is no better place to shop in Bali than at Candi Kuning market. Candi Kuning Market is located in the central mountain region of Bedugul, just beside the main road from Denpasar to Singaraja. Tourists and locals alike flock the market, looking for fresh goods. Walking along the fruit and flower stalls in the market is a treat for the senses. Candi Kuning Market is also a great place to purchase souvenirs and Balinese snacks.
Kreneng Market is located in East Denpasar. The market is a great source of basic goods – including groceries, fresh produce, and spices – at local, affordable prices. At night, the market turns into a night bazaar that attracts hordes of foodies. If you love classic Balinese fare, go to the market at night! Rows of food stalls offer a delectable selection of Javanese, Indonesian, and Balinese dishes, all made fresh and served piping hot! Visiting the markets in Bali are a great way to see, hear, smell and taste Balinese culture. If you don’t want to brave the crowds of Denpasar’s main markets head to the more tourist-friendly, but more expensive ones in Kuta, Sanur and Ubud.
Source: Bali Kids Guide

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