14 April 2016

Save the Turtles

Bali Water Police thwarted an attempt to smuggle 45 green turtles to the island on Wednesday. Five people have been arrested.The police discovered  45 green turtles on a boat traveling in waters near Karangasem in East Bali. The turtles were large, averaging 45 cm and aged between 40 to 70 years old.The turtles were taken to a turtle breeding center at Serangan Island on Thursday afternoon for treatment before they were released back into the wild. Six of the turtles had already died.
The Bali Water Police chief said that the police managed to foil the turtle smuggling attempt based on information provided by the general public. When the police went on patrol, he said, they spotted the vessel and later discovered the store of large turtles inside."The vessel captain and five crew members have been arrested." He further said that the police had discovered that the boat had transported the turtles from Madura to Karangasem. "The boat apparently departed from Madura. They had wanted to go to Karangasem to sell the turtles, likely for consumption.

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