12 May 2016

Bali vaccinate 400.000 dogs in Rabies crackdown

Vaccinated dogs will be marked with a special collar to ease identification by a special team of dog catchers and vaccinators. The program will run more efficiently than in previous years as cooperation ties have been improved among many stakeholders and initiatives. The central government has recently revitalized the rabies command and control post, known as Posko Rabies, as the new control and information center. Posko Rabies has also been moved to Denpasar to ease the disease control. Bali recorded 539 cases of rabies cases last year, which has claimed at least 15 human lives. The FAO and the ministry’s directorate general of livestock and animal health services have been working together in fighting against Bali’s worst animal epidemic since 2011. The cooperation includes technical advice on the epidemiology of rabies in the province, training of rabies control teams, implementation of extra "sweeping" vaccinations and the development of Dog Population Management (DPM) pilot project. There is an urgent need to bring the rabies control and eradication campaign back on track through a more rigorous, intensive and coordinated vaccination program. Rabies has been dangerous animal disease in Bali for decades. It has claimed more than 150 lives since it was initially detected in the province in 2008.

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