10 May 2016

Bali Arts Festival 2016

Bali’s Governor Made Mangku Pastika says he hopes the 38th Bali Arts Festival (Pesta Kesenian Bali – PKB) will be substantially different from previous years in order to address the view from many quarters that the annual celebration of dance, music and theatre has become monotonous. The Governor said that this year’s Bali Arts Festival would focus on the presentation of classical forms of the Balinese lively arts, a fact that should be reflected in all aspects of the PKB, including the opening parade and month-long program of stage performances. Pastika also called on the organizers to be firm in selecting only quality performers and purveyors of goods to be sold in connection with the PKB. Concerned about security, he asked law enforcement authorities working at the PKB prevent pick pocketing and prevent thugs from operating extortion racket. In order to keep the time required for the opening parade, Pastika asked that the number of members of any performing troupe be limited, with the presentations of traditional dress from any one regency be limited to just 5 people. In the same vein, the Governor called for the number of participants from outside Bali to be limited in order to keep the time required for the parade to a more manageable period. The 38th Bali Arts Festival will operate at various venues in Denpasar from June 11 until July 9, 2016. Over the month-long festival some 275 parades, performances and workshops will be held featuring the 9 Regencies and municipalities of Bali. A selection of performance groups from across Indonesia and abroad will also participate. Reflecting this year’s event’s commitment to classic arts forms, organizers are aiming for a mix of 60% traditional arts, 20% popular presentations and 20% contemporary performance. The PKB-38 will also feature 159 stands selling traditional handicrafts.

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