09 May 2016

Again Atm fraud

The regional head for Bali and Nusa Tenggara Financial Services Authority is warning the public against the dangers of ATM fraud in Bali, especially in ATMs away from crowded places, where monitoring isn’t so strong.
Bali ranked among worst places worldwide for ATM skimming. Check always if there’s anything suspicious around the ATM before using it—thieves in Bali are known to attach card skimmers in the machine as well as routers stealing customers banking data. If anything looks suspicious, report it immediately to the nearest security guard or the bank of the ATM. Meanwhile, Bali Police spokesman says police are conducting investigations related to recent ATM fraud cases, where foreign tourists reported losing millions of rupiah in Bali. It’s not just the responsibility of the police to deal with ATM crimes and banks must also be accountable to overseeing their machines around Bali and taking preventative measures. He added that he has faith that Bali Police’s Cyber Crime Squad will be able to track this most recent report of card skimming. 

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