29 March 2016

Selamat jalan Arie Smit, 1916 - 2016

An extensive and detailed biography of Smit is currently in preparation by Garrett Kam, a resident of Bali since 1987. A friend of Smit since 1989, Kam has authored several books on Arie Smit and coordinated the inclusion of his works in many national and international exhibitions. Remembering Arie Smit Arie Smit is a name known to anyone familiar with Balinese art and was better known to close friends as “Pak Arie."
He was born Adrianus Wilhelmus Smit on 15 April 1916 in Zaandam, Netherlands, to a Catholic family in the shipping business. Exotic tales from a classmate from the Netherlands Indies got him interested in the Dutch colony on the other side of the world. Smit later studied graphic design at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. He enlisted for mandatory Dutch military service, choosing to be sent to the Netherlands Indies in 1938. He worked as a lithographer for the Dutch Army’s Topographical Service in Batavia (Jakarta) and made maps of the immense archipelago, and also served as librarian there. He did a map of Bali and, was fascinated by its unique geography of volcanoes and lakes, and vowed to make a visit there. He had no idea at the time that it would eventually become his adopted home.
With money saved from the sales of his paintings in several exhibitions, Smit visited Bali for the first time in 1956 with fellow Dutch artist Auke Sonnega (1910-1963), and, after two months there, decided to make the island his permanent home. He lived in dozens of different villages across the island during the ensuing half-century, preferring quiet rural villages and small towns for his artistic inspiration, which suited his quiet and modest character.
He always did sketches on paper outdoors and made notes about colors, but created finished pieces back in his studio, often working on several paintings at the same time as he waited for newly applied layers of paint on other pieces to dry. Elements of early 20th century Fauvism also were important in his works with large dots of colors creating forms and shapes as well as a vibrant mood, but his style and variations of motifs developed and changed during the period he lived and worked in Bali. An extremely creative and productive artist, Smit often changed, evolved, and experimented with his style in ways that showed refreshing and new views of familiar scenes such as temples and landscapes.
Afflicted by blindness since 2012, Smit was unable to paint during his final years. He quietly peacefully passed away on 23 March 2016 in Denpasar, just 23 days before his 100th birthday and on the full moon during a lunar eclipse, a very auspicious time in Bali. He will be missed but his spirit lives on in his works and of the artists he inspired. The largest pubic display of his works can be viewed at the Arie Smit Pavilion, which he funded to be built, at the Neka Art Museum in Ubud.
Photo: Galeri Nasional Indonesia

27 March 2016

Populair tv program Idols Netherlands shoots in Bali.

Fifty Idols crew members have arrived in Bali to prepare for the shooting. Twenty talented young singers competing in the world’s most popular talent show broadcast in the Netherlands will go head to head in the live shows. Four Dutch celebrities act as members of the jury panel for the show. They include TV host of the Voice of Holland, Martin Krabbe; international DJ, Roland Molendijk; and international pop star Eva Simons.

During their stay in Bali, all crew members will stay at Sanur Village Hotel in Sanur. They will get an opportunity to visit several popular tourist destinations in Bali such as Ubud, Nusa Lembongan, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Kuta, and many more. They will also be able to enjoy Balinese traditional culinary options and experience relaxing massages and sports facilities. Those services are provided to lure Dutch TV viewers to stay in Bali as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Netherlands Idols has recently commenced its fifth season, after a long break since the last season concluded in 2008. Celebrating the long awaited return, they have decided to make something “out of the box”, in which shooting auditions will take place overseas. Martin Krabbe, one of the jury members, said that the 20 talented young singers were picked from at least 10,000 people who had applied for the show. From Bali, he said, the show would pick only five contestants who would move to the next stage. Speaking about his fourth visit to Bali, Krabbe said he had a beautiful experiences on the island in the past. "I always feel I am really welcomed and it’s so nice to be in Bali. This is really a beautiful place," the popular TV host said.

19 March 2016

5th Maybank Bali Marathon

The next running of the Maybank Bali Marathon 2016 is on Sunday, August 28, 2016 and targeted to attract 7,000 participants – an increase of 30% over last year’s totals.
At a press conference in Jakarta to announce the 2016 full and half-marathon event, the president director of Maybank Indonesia said a change would take place in the starting point for this year’s race in order to enhance the overall operation of the race.
The Maybank Bali Marathon 2016 will be held on Sunday, August 28, 2016 in the regency of Gianyar, Bali comprised of a full marathon, half-marathon, 10-kilomter run and a kid’s race.
While the pricing for the 2016 event is still under review, registration will open on line April 15, 2016.
The 2016 running of the Maybank Bali International Marathon will be the fifth running of the race first held in 2012.

12 March 2016

Sanur village festival 2016

Crowning a decade of escalating success, the Sanur Village Festival (SVF) will raise the curtain on its 11th year August 24-28, 2016, in the Mainsonette Area, Inna Grand Bali Beach, in the very heart of Bali’s traditional seaside community of Sanur.
One of Bali’s largest community events, the Sanur Village Festival event attracted more than 80 thousand spectators last year. With plans to showcase more than 100 performances across the 5-day event, there is little doubt that this year’s program is lining up to be the best ever.
More details on the exciting program will be published over the coming months, including details of the Bali International Triathlon that will move from Jimbaran to Sanur and The World Heritage Forum to be held in Sanur - both scheduled for the month of August.
Returning in 2016 will be the popular food festival, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Bazaar, and musical performances by national and local artists, International Kite Festival, body painting, and many fun social events to make SVF an unforgettable experience that contribute to Sanur’s reputation as “the happening destination” in Bali.
Also incorporated in the SVF 2016 will be beach cleaning activities, reforestation efforts, baby turtle release, surfing competitions, traditional jukung sailing competitions, fruit and ice carving, cultural parades, a fishing tournament, photo competition, and a golf tournament.
More at www.balidiscovery.com.

07 March 2016

Ferry between Java and Bali sinks.

A ferry capsized in the strait between the islands of Bali and Java on Friday and TV footage showed passengers standing on its side then jumping into the sea as the boat sank in placid waters.

Official statements about how many people were rescued ranged from 41 to 71.

Didi Hamzar, head of Bali's Search and Rescue Agency, said the ship's manifest listed 51 people on board including 14 crewmen. Passenger boats are frequently overloaded in Indonesia. He told TVOne that 10 people were missing based on the manifest.

Footage broadcast by TVOne showed other ships in the background as the ferry, Tafelia 2, sank in the narrow Bali Strait. It languished on its side before capsizing.

Boats are a popular and relatively cheap form of transportation in the world's largest archipelago nation which spans more than 17,000 islands with a population of 256 million. Sea accidents are common, with safety regulations often poorly enforced.

The ferry was enroute from Gilimanuk port in Bali to Banyuwangi on Java.

A local navy chief said a total of 71 people have been rescued without any casualties.

Best beaches in Indonesia according Tripadvisor

Below are Indonesia's top ten beaches in 2016 according to TripAdvisor:
1. Gili Meno beach, Gili Meno Island, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara
2. Balangan beach, Kuta, Bali
3. Nusa Dua beach, Nusa Dua, Bali
4. Selong Belanak beach, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara
5. Geger beach, Nusa Dua, Bali
6. Mawun beach, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara
7. Jemeluk beach, Karangasem, Bali
8. Bingin beach, Pecatu, Bali
9. Tanjung Aan beach, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara
10. Tanjung Tinggi beach, Belitung Island, Bangka Belitung

04 March 2016

Klungkung market

Cloth lovers and collectors of traditional fabrics on vacation in Bali should put Klungkung Market on their list of must-visit places. As well as other traditional cloth, the market offers one of the largest collections of Balinese songket, a gorgeous hand-woven cloth with intricate patterns made from golden or silver threads.
In Bali, the glamorous songket is only worn during the most joyous religious festivals and social functions, as well as being the obligatory central element in the costume of Balinese brides and bridegrooms.
For years, Klungkung Market has been the go-to place for local housewives and girls from as far as Denpasar and Tabanan looking for the “trendiest” songket. Yes, while categorized as traditional cloth, songket’s metal thread patterns and colors do indeed change regularly to adapt to their clientele’s demands and expectations. The change may not be as fast-paced as the prĂȘt-a-porter in Milan or Paris, but songket is definitely not stuck in the past. High-quality songket commands a price of millions of rupiah per meter.
It is common for local women to organize group trips to this market to source new songket collections or to simply order uniform kebaya (traditional blouses) for the banjar’s housewives’ association.
The designated driver, usually a desperate husband who failed to whip up a convincing excuse or feign a heart attack to avoid the duty, will either wait inside the car, in which case he is likely to die of boredom long before the shopping trip is over, or go on a shopping spree himself. The market has stalls selling manly items too, from butcher’s knives with carved handles — a must-have accessory for those pre-temple festival collective cooking sessions — to fashionable udeng headgear.
Several stalls offering delicious es campur (shaved ice), bakso (meatballs) and the famous srombotan spicy salad are also good places to meditate on the importance and necessity of being patient with your wife and her many friends.
The market lies in downtown Semarapura, the capital city of Klungkung, and is just a few meters across the street from the famed Kerta Gosa, the royal court hall with depictions of Balinese-style heaven and hell painted in Kamasan style on its ceiling.