03 April 2016

Cockfighting in Bali

Bali’s regional council (DPRD) is talking about possibly taking regulatory measures on one of the island’s most popular ‘ceremonial’ pastimes, cockfighting.
When in Bali, it’s not hard to stumble across cockfighting, known locally as Tajen, even though it’s not officially allowed.
Bali DPRD chairman says the purpose of legalization and regulation would be to make sure it’s not done in inappropriate places, such as near schools.
So, the goal is to avoid Tajen being held in just any place he said.
He also says regulating Tajen would make it easier to control not just where, but also when it happens.
The chickens are also sleepy if held awake into the night. Not to mention, it definitely disturbs public order. So it should be regulated in order for the place and time to be adjusted, he explained.
However, the chairman seems to have a very santai attitude about this, saying regulations are still far off from happening and the government needs awhile to conduct a study that gathers input from parties including religious leaders, community leaders, observers, and academics, before any legislation is passed.

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