02 February 2016

Balinese holidays 2016

List of National Public holidays of Indonesia in 2016
Friday January 01            New Years Day
Monday February 08       Chinese New Year   Imlek.
Wednesday March 09      Hari Raya Nyepi      Balinese New Year
Friday March 25               Good Friday            International Catholic holiday
Sunday May 01                Labour Day             World Labour day
Thursday May 05             Ascension Day       40 days after Easter
Thursday May 05             Isra Miraj
Sunday May 22                Waisak Day           Birth of Buddha
Monday July 04               Cuti Bersama           Extra holiday
Tuesday July 05              Cuti Bersama           Extra holiday
Wednesday July 06         Hari Raya Puasa      End of Ramadan
Thursday July 07            Hari Raya Puasa      Eid Al-Fitr
Friday July 08                 Cuti Bersama           Extra holiday
Wednesday August 17   Independence Day  Marks the start of the revolution against the Netherlands in 1945
Monday September 12  Idul Adha
Sunday October 02        Muharram              Islamic New Year
Monday December 12    Maulidur Rasul      Marks the birth of the Islamic prophet Muhammed
Sunday December 25     Christmas Day
Monday December 26    Cuti Bersama           Extra holiday

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