25 January 2016

Cheaper Fuel price

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources has provided background on why fuel prices will be reduced on January.
A number of recent government policies have brought greater efficiency to the energy sector clearing the way for a reduction in the price of fuel paid by consumers at the gas pumps. Effective January, 2016, the price of premium will reduce from Rp. 7,300 per liter to Rp. 7,150 per liter. Diesel fuel prices will also go down on that date from Rp. 6.700 per liter to Rp. 5,650. These lower fuel prices already include a special levy of Rp. 300 per liter for premium and Rp. 200 per liter for diesel fuel that will be introduced in 2016 to create funds for the development of alternative energy sources. The reduced cost of fuel at the pumps  reflects cost savings in the supply chain, currency exchange rates, and lower cost of fuel globally.

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