30 December 2015

9 Balinese dances designed as Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

9 traditional Balinese dances have been designated as Cultural Heritage treasures by UNESCO at the 10th Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage held in Windhoek, Namibia. The nine dances designated for cultural preservationare divided into three categories: sacred, semi-sacred and mass entertainment. The nine dances join six cultural traditions in Indonesia chosen in the past by UNESCO as iconic representations of Indonesian society.
The nine Balinese Dances now included on UNESCO’s list of world heritage treasures are:
Rejang – a sacred dance typically performed at a family temple.
Sanghyang Dedari – a sacred dance performed in a state of religious trance. Not normally performed before the public.
Baris Upacara – An ornamental dance performed by male warriors using exaggerated movements while bearing spears.
Topeng Sidhakarya – a dance from the Balinese mask-dance tradition often presented to mark the end of a sacred dance performance.
Dramatari Gambuh – a ceremonial part of the dance-drama repertoire in Bali and performed to accompany important rituals at Balinese temples.
Dramatari Wayang Wong – a musical theatre dramatic dance performance in Bali including classical dance, dialogue, song and gamelan performace.
Legong Kraton – a classical dance tradition performed by three young women that in times past was only performed at royal palaces.
Joged Bumbung – a courting or flirtation dance performed before a gamelan orchestra.
Barong Ket – a masked dance in honor of the three countenances of Sanghyang Tri Murti.

25 December 2015

Peacefull Christmas eve celebrations

In Bali, Governor I Made Mangku Pastika, accompanied by the Bali Military Commander and the Bali Police Chief, visited several churches in Denpasar and in its surrounds. At least 100 police and military officers safeguarded Christmas Eve celebrations at each of the religious buildings.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) said on Tuesday that Muslims are allowed to say Merry Christmas to Christians. “Just do it if they feel they need to do it… It is a symbol of sympathy as fellow human beings,” Currently, some Muslims still hold that Muslims are not allowed to extend their Christmas greetings to Christians.

22 December 2015

Denpasar food fest

More then 90 vendors are expected to present food stands at the Denpasar Festival and Denpasar Food Fest to be held on Jalan Gajah Mada in Denpasar on December 28-31, 2015.

Part of the “DenFest” celebration – the four-day event also includes stands selling textiles, handicrafts, cultural presentations and garden displays. The festival with the theme “For Denpasar” will be centered at the Catur Muka Monument on Jalan Gajah Mada in the heart of Denpasar.

19 December 2015

Medicinial plants

Many of the medicinal plants obtained in Bali are considered tasty. The Balinese believe that all diseases can be cured with the help of nature. Like the Javanese and other cultures, the Balinese also believe God has provided a medicine for any disease. Therefore, it is part of the Balinese culture to look for medicinal plants to solve health problems. As in many other regions, herbal remedies remain Bali’s cornerstone of treatment of most diseases.
The medicinal use of Indonesian cinnamon is legendary. This plant is widely commercialized and is known as “Indonesian Cassia” or “Batavia Cassia”. The Balinese use this plant for various purposes from cooking to medicine. Sirih has many pharmacological activities. The plant resides in the heart of the Balinese culture, and it is incorporated in various practices and uses from wedding ceremonies to medicine.

Bali by camera

17 December 2015

Respect for Bali's thousands temples

Keeping Bali’s thousands of sacred temples sacrosanct is not an easy matter. While temples typically post signs at their entrances stipulating standards of dress and prohibitions against the entrance of menstruating women considered ritually impure, many temples are visited by tourists as mere curiosities that are best suited as a photo stop.
While licensed tour guides will often discourage acts considered to be sacrilegious, it is not unusual to discover tourists standing in the inner sanctum of the temple (utama mandala pura) taking photographs. While circulating the exterior walls or outer courtyards of a temple are widely tolerated, entrance into the centermost part of a temple for the simple purpose of making photos can be seen as disrespectful of the Hindu-Bali faith and its ancient religious traditions. The innermost sanctum of a temple is reserved exclusively for those praying and making offerings to the Gods. Tourists wishing to actively participate in the ritual life of a temple by praying at the utama mandala pura should adopt complete Balinese dress and be accompanied by a Balinese-Hindu who will provide guidance in the transaction of prayers and offerings. Many temples in Bali have a pemgempon pura or a temple priests who forbids visitors from penetrating the middle of a temple. The purity of a temple must be safeguarded and never allowed to decline where it will deplete the energy and power (taksu) of the site.
While the Balinese are extremely tolerant and encourage those with a sincere interest in their culture and religious tradition, the careful traveler will always seek to know and respects boundaries of respect and reference for the ancient religion of the Balinese people.
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11 December 2015

Republic 1945 open for lunch

If  you love those Indonesian favorites made with wholesome local ingredients at Republik 45 we have good news for you. They’re now open for lunch and you can score their delectable dinner items for your midday meal at awesome prices. Score a three course set menu for 150.000rp which also includes steamed rice and a detox water. So head on there between 12-4pm for a great lunch deal.

07 December 2015

Bali's large sea mammels

Joint research carried out by Conservation International-Indonesia (CI), Cetecan Sirenian Indonesia, Ocean Initiative and Udayana University’s Oceanic and Fisheries Faculty have confirmed a high concentration of sea mammals living off Bali’s southern shore. A researcher from Cetacean Sirenian Indonesia, said the research on sea mammals was carried out to learn more about their existence in Bali’s southern waters. The data collected will help in the conservation management of sea mammals, many of which have wide global migration patterns.
The results of the survey in this area have identified at least species of whales and five species of dolphins. These include Sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus), Sei whale (Balaenoptera borealis), Bryde’s whale (Balaenoptera edeni), Spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris), Spotted dolphins (Stenella attenuata), Risso’s dolphins (Grampus griseus), Fraser’s dolphins (Lagenodelphis hosei) and Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops sp). Another researcher said the results of the survey might still uncover other species as the photos continue to be examined. Among the megafauna known to be in these waters are turtles, Mola-mola fish, Manta Rays, whale sharks, sharks and sea snakes. The team of 6 researchers hope that their work will provide a better understanding of the bio-diversity of Bali's southern seas and its connection to ocean dynamics and how uncontrolled development on Bali’s shorelines, domestic and home industrial sewage being pumped into the oceans and the sub-oceanic noise pollution caused by maritime traffic are affecting these mammals. The research was carried out from October 30 through November 7, 2015.
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03 December 2015

New fast boat service between Banyuwangi and Jimbaran.

NusaBali reports that a commercial fast boat service connecting Pantai Boom in Banyuwangi, East Java and Jimbaran Beach in Bali will commence operations in December 2015. The sea voyage in vessels with the capacity to carry between 25 to 150 passengers will take an estimated 2 hours and is scheduled to commence service on December 15, 2015. The owner of the fast boat service said he is pioneering the new service to develop tourism in Banyuwangi that has a fine range of beaches and tropical islands. He is targeting to carry 400 passengers each day between Jimbaran in Bali and Banyuwangi in East Java. No information on the cost of the new service or the method of booking was provided in the NusaBali coverage.

02 December 2015

Southern Bali on alert, mount Barujari eruption

Gearing up Mount Barujari, a sub-volcano of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), has become active again following an eruption several days ago, according to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency's (BMKG) Denpasar office. The agency's spokesperson said people in the southern part of the island should be on alert when conducting outdoor activities as the volcanic ash from Mt. Barujari was approaching the region.

"We have received reports from the Himawari satellite that the volcanic ash from Mt. Barujari is currently heading to Bali's southern coastal areas, "
Meanwhile the eruption of Mount Bromo in East Java would have no impact on Bali. The wind direction from East Java is not toward Bali. So although Mt. Bromo has erupted, Bali's situation is safe. What Bali needs to watch out for is the eruption of Mt. Barujari.