29 November 2015

Guides fees increase 35%

The Bali chapter of the Indonesian Association of Travel Agents (ASITA-Bali) and the Bali chapter of the Indonesian Guide Association (HPI-Bali) have signed an agreement setting minimum guide fees for 2016-2017. That agreement provides for a 35% increase in the current guide fees. As reported by Bisnis Bali, the increase is intended to improve the standard of living of professional guides working in Bali and improve the quality of services provided to visitors. Many tour operators in Bali already pay their guides at levels exceeding the minimum set in previous agreements between ASITA and HPI.
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17 November 2015

Pura Ulun Danu no longer surrounded by water

Bali’s extended dry season have left the iconic temple of Pura Ulun Danu Beratan high and dry while in normal time it would be surrounded by the waters of Lake Beratan. The depth of the lake has declined by as much as 12 meters, allowing people to walk across the dry lake bottom to access a temple formerly approachable only by small boat. The water have been receding at the Temple for the past six months due to the prolonged dry season.
The loss of water depth is the worse in the history of Lake Beratan and its world famous temple. Some visiting tourists say that the temple no longer resembles the pictures presented in brochures and travel guides showing the charming temple surrounded by water.

01 November 2015

Again rolling power blackouts

State power company PT PLN will impose a reduction of electricity in the Java-Bali grid during peak hours, which is between 18:00 pm and 22:00 pm.

Bambang Dwiyanto, PLN acting chief for corporate communications, said in a release that the long dry season has affected the operation of the company's water power plants. Water supplies have been prioritized to irrigate lands during the draught, which resulted in lower allocation for power generation. PLN then decided to conduct rolling blackouts in the Java and Bali grid, which are connected into one. Bambang said at least two hydro power plants now have limited operations, PLTA Cirata (1,000 MW) and PLTA Saguling (700 MW). Agung is asking all of PLN customers who are not experiencing blackouts during the peak load to also reduce their power usage. Meanwhile, the PLN communications and administration manager for West Java Distribution, said that because of the reduced power generating ability, the load in Banten, West Java, is forced to be lowered by approximately 530 MW.

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