30 August 2015

Angkasa Pura I appointed to build Buleleng Airport

PT Angkasa Pura I has been appointed by the central government to finance the construction of a new airport in Buleleng Regency, Bali.

“Now we just need to ask for a letter of assignment from the Ministry of SOE to PT Angkasa Pura I,” said Deputy Governor of Bali, Ketut Sudikerta in Denpasar on Tuesday.

His party along with Regent of Buleleng, Department of Transportation, and the associated team members went to the SOE Ministry in Jakarta, to request the assignment letter.

Meanwhile, Head of the Department of Transportation, Information and Communications (Dishubinfokom) of Bali Ketut Artika stated that the Buleleng airport development plan was based on a letter from the Minister of Transportation.

In the letter addressed to the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises and the Minister of Tourism, to support the National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN) in Bali Province related to infrastructure development, which is for the railway construction to be assigned to PT KAI and the construction of a new airport in north Bali id given to PT Angkasa Pura I.

On the other hand, Artika explained, with the appointment of PT Angkasa Pura I as initiator of the construction of Buleleng airport, the airport construction site automatically will be determined by them based on the results of the studies.

“They certainly will conduct a feasibility study related to the airport development plan in terms of economic, financial and cultural as well as the key factor of aviation safety,” said Artika.

Meanwhile, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika supports the construction of airport in Buleleng which will be built by PT Angkasa Pura I.

The Bali provincial government, he said, will also invest in the new airport to be built in the northern part of Bali. But the percentage of capital to be included has not been confirmed.

Associated with airport construction site, Pastika said it will be built in the district of Kubutambahan (eastern region of Buleleng) since there is land about 400 hectares. “The lands belong to indigenous peoples of Kubutambahan,” he said while also saying that the airport in Buleleng will be wider than Ngurah Rai Airport.

He hoped the airport of Buleleng soon be built because the fastest time needed for the completion of construction is five years.

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28 August 2015

Son of the dragon

For more than half a century the great dragon kite, Ratu Panji Sakti, has watched over a village in Bali and is believed to bring luck to the village.

Community members of the Sanur hamlet of Dangin Peken come to pray for health, wealth and answers to their problems; some come praying for children. The sacred dragon queen kite, Ratu Panji Sakti, was crafted of gold leaf, jewels, cotton and bamboo in 1954 and granted to the village by a priest.

Kadek Suprapta has honored Panji all his life and now at 38 years of age he heads up the village kite arts office. “My cousin was born because of Panji. My uncle prayed to the dragon kite for a child, so he was born of the kite,” says Suprapta.

He stresses that while there is no scientific evidence, his community also trusts the kite to improve soil fertility and enhance crop growth for farmers.

“That’s what we believe, that soils become more fertile when Panji flies. It’s logic because the kite season is in the dry season. We plant watermelons and nuts. The soil is so dry it is cracked open. Maybe the sound of the kite enters the cracked soil — there is no science — but for sure we can harvest good watermelons,” says Suprapta of the kite that has a 5.5-meter wingspan and a 105-meter tail. The head or mask of the janggan (great kite) is of a green, heavily jeweled dragon’s head.

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27 August 2015

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

After successfully luring 26,000 bookworms and literature lovers to Bali in 2014, the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF) returns to the Island’s heartland October 28 –November 1, 2015.

A global melting pot of big ideas and extraordinary stories the UWRF is offering [Early Bird Ticket Prices].

Heading UWRF's International line-up is Pakistani author of runaway hit How to get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia Mohsin Hamid; bestselling Chinese-American memoirist Anchee Min; short-story author Nam Lee of The Boat; The Rosie Project’s Graeme Simison; and creators of the worldwide travel institution The Lonely Planet Guides - Tony and Maureen Wheeler.

Spanning five days of intimate panel discussions, workshops, literary lunches, book launches, poetry slams, film screenings and more, the UWRF program will also feature debut of novelist of The Fishermen Chigozie Obioma and 2015 Stella Prizewinner Emily Bitto; North Korea defector and TED Talk sensation Hyeonseo Lee; Palestinian scholar Mazin Qumsiyeh and winner of the 2015 Miles Franklin Award - Sofie Laguna.

Exploring the UWRF 2015 theme “17,000 Islands of Imagination” the event will showcase the incredible diversity of Indonesian talent, including leading literary figure Putu Oka Sukanta; controversial award-winning filmmaker Nia Dinata; short-story writer and political journalist Seno Gumira Ajidarma; and winner of the 2013 Southeast Asian Writers Award Linda Christanty.

The Festival will also welcome social advocate Andreas Harsono;
celebrated Indonesian novelist Eka Kurniawan; humanitarian and East Timor rights campaigner Galuh Wandita; and Founder of the ASEAN Literary Festival, Okky Madasari.

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How dry is Bali

Bali’s Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) has allocated Rp. 45 billion (US$3.84million) in emergency stand-by funds for use in the event of natural disaster.

As quoted by the State News Agency Antara, the head of Bali BPBD, Dewa Made Indra, said the funds could be used to handle the negative impact of drought and possible forest fires resulting from a prolonged drought.
Plans are now being formulated between the Bali Provincial Social Service Agency, Public Works Department, Provincial Water Board (PDAM) and the BPBD to ensure areas worst affected by the coming drought receive emergency fresh water supplies.

The distribution of fresh water supplies to the affected area will take place once each week.

“Every Friday we will distribute clean water by tank trucks to the village of Julah in Bulelelng (North Bali). On Wednesdays, the trucks will travel to Bangli and Kintanami,” Indra explained.

The BPBD-Bali has developed maps of area that suffer water shortages each year, including locations in the regency of Bulelelng at the sub districts of Tejakula, Sukasada and Gerokgak.

In the regency of Karangasem the worst affected areas are located in the sub districts of Kubu, Abang and Karangasem; in the regency of Bangli the affected sub districts are at Kintamani and Tembuku; and in the regency of Klungkung on the island of Nusa Penida.

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22 August 2015

Trump Hotels build 6 stars luxury resort in Bali

Trump Hotels Collection has signed a deal with Indonesian investment group PT Media Nusantara Citra (MNC) to manage a planned six-star luxury resort and residential development in Bali.

The location of the planned six-star resort will be on the island’s southwest coast “set against the Indian Ocean” and the popular and renowned Tanah Lot temple. It will be Trump Hotel Collection’s first resort in Asia.

Executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization, Donald J. Trump Jr. said that he was honored to announce Trump’s expansion into Asia as it was line with a bid by the American property development firm to continue its worldwide expansion planned for the year ahead.

“As we continue to strategically grow the Trump Hotel Collection, we seek only the most valuable destinations. Bali is consistently voted as one of the best islands and is one of the best resort and residential destinations globally,” Trump Jr. said in a statement obtained by The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

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21 August 2015

License please

25% of All Traffic Tickets Issued in Kuta and Denpasar are given to Foreign Visitors
Over the past 12 months the Denpasar police have issued tickets for 4,000 traffic violations, more than 1,000 of which were given to foreign tourists.

Kuta and Denpasar saw the most foreigners receiving traffic tickets.

According to the head of the traffic division at the Denpasar Police, Nyoman Nuryana, the majority of violations committed by foreigners were for traveling the wrong way on a one-way street.

Nuryana said that the number of tickets issued was much less than the number of actual violations, with many tourist visitors only receiving a warning from police.

Other common violations by foreign drivers in Bali include a failure to use a proper helmet while riding on a motorcycle or failure to hold a valid Indonesian driver’s license.

Nuryana estimates that only 20% of foreigners found to be breaking traffic rules are actually ticketed by police.

Many tourists complain of being pulled over by Balinese police who demand an immediate "cash settlement" for any alleged infractions of the law.

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16 August 2015

No lifeline for Bali dolphins

Despite growing pressure from almost half a million people around the world who signed a petition calling for the rescue of four dolphins held in a small chlorinated resort pool in Bali, the Indonesian government has refused to take action.

Although the Environment and Forestry Ministry found out that one of the dolphins was half blind and all of them were toothless, it said that all of the dolphins were found to be healthy, in contrast to a video secretly captured by an Australian animal rights group last month.

In the video, the dolphins, supplied by a company from Central Java, Wersut Seguni Indonesia (WSI), could be seen swimming toward the camera in the murky pool of Wake Bali Resto and Dolphin.

“Their skin was dull. Their eyes were cloudy. The water that they were in was not clear. I had noticed that they had had their teeth removed. I’m unsure as to why but I think it’s absolutely disgusting,” Natascha Elisa, who took the video, said on an Australian talk show. “It was absolutely heartbreaking. I laid by the pool and they swam over and were quite obviously crying. It was really sad.”

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11 August 2015

Illigal rafting companies.

Bisnis Bali, DenPost and NusaBali all report that four rafting companies operating on Bali’s Anyar River are unlicensed and operating illegally.

On Wednesday, August 5, 2015 a team, comprised of local law enforcement in Gianyar (Satpol PP Gianyar) and the regency’s licensing office (BBPT) visited 9 rafting companies operating on the Ayung River.

Of the 9 companies visited, four companies were found to be operating illegally:

    Tukad Rafting operated by Komang Agus Punarbawa
    Rejeki Ayung Rafting operated by Ketut Sukayasa
    New Gangga Rafting operated by Dewa Putu Ganta
    Ubud Rafting operated by Ketut Suasana

When confronted by the enforcement team none of the above-named operators were able to present their operating licenses (izin usaha).

Each of the companies was issued an initial warning with a second warning letter issued on August 5, 2015.

Local regulations provide for the closing and sealing of the operations with the issuance of a third warning letter.

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07 August 2015

Rabies outbreak in Bali

Rabies is on the rise again in Bali as the disease has already claimed 12 lives this year, a significant increase over last year’s two fatalities and 2013’s one.

The latest case was reported on Monday, as a 24-year-old was suspected to have died from rabies after a puppy bit a finger on his left hand last month. He died at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar.

“From the clinical symptoms and the fact that the patient had been bitten by a dog, we can conclude that he died of rabies,” head of Bali Provincial Health Agency, I Ketut Suarjaya, told The Jakarta Post on Tuesday.

Suarjaya said that rabies tests could not be conducted on Kartawan because the patient was experiencing seizures, therefore it was too risky to take his blood for the test.

Since 2008 there have been a total of 160 people die from the disease, said the official.

He said rabies has been rising again on the resort island since earlier this year. Prior to that the local government had boasted that this year the province would be free from rabies.

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