15 June 2015

37th Bali Arts Festival started

The sounds of Okokan wooden cowbells marked the official opening of the 37th Bali Arts Festival at the Ardha Candra open stage at the Bali Art Center on Saturday night.

The sounds of the traditional musical instrument from Tabanan regency that was played by Tourism Minister Arief Yahya marked the start of the much awaited one-month arts festival.

“Bali has a huge potential for the cultural industry. I feel sure that Bali can beat the world in the cultural industry,” Arief said.
Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika said the festival was an event for Balinese artistes to be appreciated as well as a communication tool for artistes that was the pride of the Balinese.

“This event is strategic not only in preserving traditional Balinese art but also in revitalizing the value of the arts,” he said.
A grand Balinese drama dance, Ayodya Kertanegara, from the famous Hindu epic Ramayana, was the highlight of the opening ceremony.........

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11 June 2015

A rescue for the Balinese Starling.

Japans Yokohama city administration and the Indonesian government are cooperating to conserve the Bali starling (Leucopsar rothschildi), locally called jalak or curik, by donating the birds for release at the Bali Barat National Park (TNBB). "This cooperation will last for three years, from 2015 to 2017," Chairperson of the Association of Curik Bali Preserver (APCB) Tony Sumampau stated here on Thursday. He affirmed that the cooperation is in its second stage, after it was established three years ago.

Director of Conservation and Biodiversity (KKH) of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Bambang Dahono Aji noted that the success achieved in the conservation of Bali starling can serve as a role model of success for wildlife conservation in Indonesia. "The success of Bali starling in-situ and ex-situ conservations is a success story of endemic wildlife conservation in Indonesia," he emphasized. Aji stated that the success of Bali starling conservation is apparent by the increase in the population of these birds, which were previously on the brink of extinction in their natural habitat in TNBB. "In 2005, the population of Bali starling in the national park was only five, and now, there are more than 100 birds, and at least 40 Bali starlings have even been released in the wild,"

The Yokohama city administration remains committed to assist in the conservation of Bali starling in their natural habitat. The Bali starling is a medium-large bird measuring 25 centimeters. It is almost entirely white with a long, drooping crest, black wing-tips and tail tip. It has a yellow bill with blue bare skin around the eyes and legs. The Bali starlings habitat is restricted to Bali Island. The bird was discovered in 1910, and in 1991, it was designated as the faunal emblem of Bali and is featured on the Indonesia.

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06 June 2015

Tourists injured at ferry explosion.

Dozens of tourists were injured when small explosions hit a ferry crossing between the popular Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok, officials said Saturday.

The explosions were likely to have come from the fuel tank of the ferry, which was carrying 129 passengers on board, most of them tourists. The boat had completed about one-third of its journey to the resort island of Bali from Senggigi in Lombok when the explosion took place on Friday afternoon. Among those injured were passengers from Australia, France, Italy, US, UK and New Zealand. "No one has serious injuries. Most of the 25 patients suffered minor injuries from the impact," an official at West Nusa Tenggara hospital, Oxy Cahyo Wahyuni, said.

Two explosions hit the vessel 30 minutes after it set off from Senggigi with the second explosion breaking the windows and hitting the passengers," local water police official Khoirul Anwar said. "We suspected that the explosion came from the fuel tank," Anwar said. The local police is investigating to find the cause of the incident, he added. Read more at: thejakartapost.com

04 June 2015

Jamie's Italian restaurant opens in Kuta

Celebrating its first day in Indonesia, Jamie’s Italian opened in Kuta Beach, Bali, on June 1. Patrons tried the large range of genuine, home-style Italian dishes, served with the characteristic twist favored by the famous UK chef Jamie Oliver, in the 220-seat rustic, casual eatery.
Sitting on the outdoor terrace under the industrial-style lighting and wooden ceiling fans, some relaxing over an Italian limoncino and a plate of antipasti, guests can people-watch the busy Jl. Pantai Kuta. Indoors, diners can choose to sit near the bar and the Ferrari-red pasta-making machine, or upstairs near the two open kitchens. All the food has been created by Oliver, his mentor Gennaro Contaldo and the talented team of chefs in each location.
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03 June 2015

Sky garden to be closed

The village of Kuta has responded to continuing troubles and strife surrounding the Sky Garden Discotheque by petitioning the Regency of Badung to close the doors on the popular nightspot. The village head of Kuta said that a letter recommending the Sky Garden’s closure would be sent to the Regent of Badung on Friday, May 29, 2015. The village chief said the call for the closure of the Sky Garden comes after many months of non-productive dialogues with the establishment’s management, 

As recently as March 31, 2015, the village warned the management to follow the rules on closing time, reduce noise pollution caused by the club and address the internal conflicts spilling over from Sky Garden’s operations. The Sky Garden has ignore all warnings delivered to them by the village.

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