01 October 2013

Bali - Serangan Island

Prior to 1994, Serangan was a tiny, 112-hectare island, separated from the mainland by shallow water south of Denpasar.

Home to several important Hindu temples, including those associated to great sages Danghyang Nirartha and Danghyang Astapaka, the island is a favorite pilgrimage site for Balinese Hindus. Twice a year, when the tide receded, thousands of Hindu devotees crossed the shallow strait to reach the island. Some boarded traditional jukung outriggers, while the rest simply walked through the shallow waters.

From 1994-1997, a tourism company carried out a massive reclamation project that saw the island’s size grow to 491 hectares. A concrete bridge was constructed and an asphalt road connected the island to mainland Bali. Although a large tract of the island is now the private property of the company, domestic and foreign tourists can still access its beach via a security gate manned by private security officers and pecalang (traditional guards).

The beach lies one kilometer from the security gate. Some food stalls owned and managed by local residents dot the shoreline. The beach has white sand and crystal clear waters. Sunbathing, swimming, or even just relaxing under the casuarina trees, are several things that visitors could enjoy here at a leisurely pace. When the larger waves arrive, visitors could also grab their board and jump to the challenge. Ship watching is another interesting and leisurely activity. Ships of every size and color pass the beach on their way from and into Benoa, the island’s biggest seaport.

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