28 September 2013

Bali - tight security for Putin and Obama

The top of the country’s military and police attended a large scale security inspection ahead of the prestigious APEC Summit, being held early October.

The inspection was held at Puputan Margarana field in Renon, Denpasar, and involved hundreds of military personnel from the three branches of the armed forces, police, intelligence operatives, special forces, as well as pecalang (traditional security guards).

The inspection also saw Lt. Gen. Lodewijk Freidrich Paulus appointed as the commander of the APEC Summit joint security operation. Security operations will be led by a three-star general.

As the commander of the joint security operation, he will oversee the running of several task forces, including area security, sea and air security, intelligence and VIP security. Each task force will be led by a general or a senior-ranking military or police officer. The joint security operation will involve at least 14,000 military and police personnel. Should the situation demand, additional forces could be brought in to Bali from neighboring provinces. The Army has at least one brigade of airborne-qualified soldiers stationed in East Java, while the Navy also has a sizable force there, including specialized frogmen detachments with sea-borne counter-terrorism qualifications. Up to 15 warships and 16 jet fighters have also been readied to enforce a secure air and sea zone around Nusa Dua.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to bring a big entourage for his visit to Bali to attend the APEC Summit early next month. The president has confirmed he will leave for Indonesia on Oct. 5 with 300 delegation members and 70 journalists. The delegation will stay in the Mulia Hotel in Nusa Dua. Russia will also bring a bulletproof car to be used by the president during his visit in Bali. Putin is one of two head of states requesting to bring a bulletproof car to Bali, with the other being US President Barack Obama.
The US send already security forces to Bali, together with a plane from the American Air-force with weapons and communication equipment.

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