07 August 2013

Twitter, Lombok more popular then Hawaii

Republika.co.id reports that Lombok is more popular than Hawaii and Tahiti as favourite vacation spots in the world, according to Prapancha Research, who analysed 4,113,072 chirps on Twitter social media site about beautiful vacation spots during a two-year period from 4 July 2011 to 4 July 2013.

Lombok is five times better known than Hawaii and Tahiti, two sites that are world-renowned tropical islands,” Executive Director of Prapancha Research, Geger Riyanto, said.

Lombok is mentioned on 2,549,505 chirps in the Twitter universe around the world. It is mentioned far more often than either Hawaii (with 433,812 chirps) or Tahiti (with 232,687 chirps). The research team deliberately chose Hawaii and Tahiti as the two islands to compare results, as both are so popular and are often mentioned in films as well as foreign magazines. However, they were surprised by the findings, with Lombok coming out on top. The team chose Lombok instead of Bali, because Bali is assumed to be known far more than Lombok, but the result was beyond expectations. The same research showed that not only Lombok, but other tourist areas in Indonesia were more popular than other parts of the world. They are Mount Kelimutu located on Flores Island (East Nusa
Tenggara), Lake Toba (North Sumatra) and Borobudur Temple (Central Java).

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