11 August 2013

Seven of the most treasured souvenirs

Tired of snow-domes and T-shirts? Have a few too many fridge magnets? In an entirely non-scientific survey, Lonely Planet ask fans on Facebook to tell about their most treasured travel souvenirs. It turns out that the best keepsakes are often the things that pesos and pounds can’t buy…

1. A partner
Awwwww. A new boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife was the most common travel souvenir.

2. Experience
Sure, it’s cheesy, but the Facebook fans agree that the experience gained through travel and exposure to foreign cultures has changed them as people. You don’t know until you go…

3. An injury
Travel souvenirs aren’t always a reminder of the happy times. On the bright side, once you’re no longer in pain you can laugh about it.

4. Tattoos
Sometimes a regret, but always something to talk about – tattoos rank high in the list of treasured travel souvenirs. Just be sure to double-check that really is the Chinese character for peace.

5. A gift from a stranger
Often the story behind a souvenir rather than the object itself that makes it special.

6. Accidental souvenirs
Things that weren’t meant to be souvenirs but, well, they wound up heading home with you anyway.

7. Prehistoric shark teeth
Maybe it’s not the most popular souvenir on the list, but definitely something to show the grandchildren.

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