22 August 2013

Hypermart opens new shop in Lombok

Lombok has a brand new, modern supermarket with the opening of Hypermart.

The newly opened store is part of the Central Plaza shopping complex on Jl AA Gde Ngurah in Cakra. Central Plaza is still under construction and more stores will open in the coming months.

Hypermart is already open for business, as are several other stores in the main building including Boston Drugs, Solaria Resto, Optik Melawai, Mokko Factory, and a few specialty stores. But Hypermart is the star attraction at the moment. The huge store is well laid out with spacious aisles and a vast array of stock. There are an electrical department, home wares, kitchen ware, toys, stationery, a small selection of gardening and pet supplies, tools, and small furniture and storage items, body and hair care products, cosmetics, bedding and towels, shoes, and ladies and mens apparel (including swimwear).

The rest of the store is dedicated to the supermarket. Of particular interest are the dairy, fresh produce and fresh meat departments. Here you will find everything from milk, cheeses, yoghurt, sausages and deli meats to large selections of fresh fruit and vegetables. The large meat department has pre-packed chickens and cuts, fresh meats, and whole fresh fish on ice, as well as packs of filleted fish. Large freezers stock frozen meals, vegetables, meats and fish, as well as specialty products such as Häagen-Dazs and Baskin Robbins ice creams.

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