05 August 2013

Don't steal on de Gili's!!

The Gilis have no permanent police force but that doesn’t stop island security from dealing with theft quickly and effectively.

The photo left was posted on Facebook last week as a warning to tourists who steal while on Gili Trawangan. A Dutch tourist was allegedly caught stealing on CCTV (closed circuit camera) in a local cafe. The incident occurred when another tourist, who had stomach problems, left her bag in the cafe while she went to the toilet. Security cameras captured the Dutch tourist, working with a female partner, taking the bag and exiting the cafe together.

Naturally the ill tourist was very distraught when she returned to the table to find her bag gone, together with her mobile phone, money and other personal effects. When the cafe manager reviewed the security tape, the culprits were clearly identified. Photos of the suspects were then circulated to island security and, knowing that tourists must leave the island via boat, boat owners and fast boat operators at the harbor were alerted. Everyone was determined to catch them.

Sure enough, the Dutch man appeared with his alleged accomplice, his identifying tattoos covered with long sleeves and the missing bag still in his possession.

In traditional island fashion, he was then made to do the “Walk of Shame”… walk around the island, accompanied by island security, with a sign hung around his neck stating “I’m a thief. I stole. Don’t do what I did.” Simple, effective and not a good way to end your holiday!

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