20 August 2013

Bali - Yeh Sanih in Kubutambahan

View from the pool
When you visit Buleleng, a coastal regency in north Bali that is known as a hot zone, you should make the time to enjoy the Yeh Sanih springs, where you can swim in the cold water, fresh from a natural spring, while enjoying a beautiful beach view.

Yeh Sanih is fed by natural spring water and has become one of the favorite destinations in north Bali. It is located right by the sea in the village of Kubutambahan, around 30 minutes from Singaraja, the old capital of Bali and Nusa Tenggara during the Dutch colonial period.

The uniqueness of Yeh Sanih is its location near the beach. Despite being located by the sea, the pool there offers fresh, not salt, water. The spring is never dry, even in the dry seasons.The spring water is not only used for Yeh Sanih, but is also distributed to several villages around the area. As there is a huge amount of water produced naturally from the spring, the city tap water company distributes it to many houses around Buleleng.

There are two swimming pools in the 26 hectare plot of land at Yeh Sanih springs, one for adults and one for children. The adult pool is larger and is 1.5 meters deep. For children, there is a small pool that is only 0.5 meters deep. The pools are built of natural stone. The water is always clean, as it flows directly from the spring. The management from the Kubu Tambahan customary village also cleans the pool twice a week.

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