12 August 2013

Bali - what is Withlocals.com

Withlocals platform offers travelers from around the world new and exciting opportunities for unique travel experiences!

Local hosts can offer their services directly to travelers and give them positive
experiences they’ll never forget. If you are a traveler looking for unique, out of the box travel experiences, then join them! The Withlocals marketplace focuses on three types of experiences:

EAT Withlocals
Imagine after eating in a restaurant several days during your holiday, how great would it be to have an authentic meal at a local families’ home. For often a much lower price as a restaurant, you can taste the most amazing home cooked meals and you get the local stories and experience for free.

TOURS Withlocals
Nobody knows more about an area than a local. Now enjoy a trip through the eyes of a local, and get the ultimate tour! Avoid the tourist traps and many inefficient chains within the travel industry.

Everybody is good at something! Unique local activities and workshops are given by locals. Experience local traditions and learn from locals to enrich your own skills and knowledge.

Of course Withlocals will be available for travelers around the world who will visit beautiful Bali.  http://www.withlocals.com/

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